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Still processing guilt a year after the events that lead to his best friend's death, Dalton Peck has retired from the life he led as a hunter of the supernatural. The Spectre Collectors channel and social media accounts have all been deleted. Withdrawing from friends and resigned to a life away from the public eye, Dalton is surprised when two strangers track him down. They suspect he's connected to an unearthly creature stalking the cold nights of upstate New York and his experience may hold the key to defeating it. After an innocent man is savagely attacked and left for dead, Dalton is moved to act. The investigation takes him on a journey through dark forests and into the embalming room of a mysterious funeral home where a shocking horror is revealed. What he discovers will challenge his understanding of who he has become. Dalton must come to terms with the duality of his new existence and learn to trust again, or be damned to repeat the missteps of his past.

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